Delish-ious Shampoo & Body Wash Sweet Orange Baby
<font size="3"><b>Delish-ious Shampoo & Body Wash Sweet Orange Baby</b></font>

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Delish-ious Baby Shampoo and Body Wash
comes is an 8 oz bottle with flip lid. This shampoo keeps hair smooth and silky, even without conditioner. Comprised entirely of the most gentle saponified oils,
amino acids, vitamins and proteins,
this formulation is nut, dairy, gluten, paraben,wax and phthalate free.
No sulphates, Vegan friendly.
You don't have to worry about nasty chemicals.
Eczema sufferers can use this safely as it will not irritate the skin.
Because it contains only the most gentle ingredients,
this shampoo does not lather,
but your hair will be squeaky clean and beautiful.